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Thanks for the responses. I think I’ve been over doing it. Truth be told, I’ve been eating three large garlic cloves a day, coconut oil and probiotics. I also recently started body brushing and the website you mentioned Cat say that it will promote lymph flow. I guess I’ll be backing off and “practicing” moderation. Although moderation is elusive to this kid.

And Chosen one, I do think that I have adrenal fatigue as well. I had quit drinking caffeine almost 4 months ago, then about 1 month ago I fell off the wagon because it raises my mood and productivity and man did I pay for it. It worked for about a week but my caffeine intake went up because it took more and more. When I finally quit, I crashed. Of course. And now I’m trying to lower my stress, incorporate more rest (as you suggested) and started taking some other natural ingredients for adrenal support (Licorice Root, Eleuthero Root, Fresh Devil’s Club Root Bark,Fresh Dandelion Root, Sarsaparilla Root and Fresh Ginger Root). What do they say, “two steps forward, and one step back”? Trudging the road to happy destiny!