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raster;47317 wrote: One of the reasons you might react to coconut milk is that it is highly inflammatory and when your gut gets inflamed, you will react more.


Coconut milk made me sick prior to starting this journey of addressing candida. Of course, a lot of foods made me sick because I also have Leaky Gut with a few food allergies thrown in there (eggs big time, dairy w/exception of goat, and a few beans).

I haven’t tried coconut milk since starting the diet. I’ve been thinking about taking some of my goat milk kefir crystals and trying to make coconut kefir for some variety. What do you think about that? Might work and I won’t get sick?

I’m asking because I had not heard of coconut milk being inflammatory and I thought that was fascinating given my reaction to it.

Sorry to cut-in on your conversation Alex and Mo, and congrats on all of your combined years!