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msmofish;47310 wrote: Hi Alex
Welcome back & thank you for your update !
I always enjoy & learn from your posts so thank you !!

I have a few questions:
– what happened when you overdid it on carrots, tahini etc ? How did you know you overdid it ?
– what antifungals do you use & how much when you say maintenance ?
– and what supplements do you think you are lacking in ?

Right now I’m taking probiotics, Vit C & ashwaghanda only. I did over 3 months of all the supplements & figured that was enough. I’m open to suggestion on this

Again thank you for your inspiration

Thank you!

1. I got some itchy butthole, and just felt general ickiness. I think if I were in better shape overall (ie sleeping and not running myself ragged scrambling across the country and after teenagers for the whole summer), then it wouldn’t have been as big of a deal and I could tolerate more.

2. I have a backup supply of “yeast free” I think it’s called? It’s got some berberine stuff in it, which i know kills all bacteria, but it’s the only anti-fungal that I actually feel like it works…I did a few bottles of SF722 and it just felt a little more weak compared to this stuff. The yeast free stuff is kind of for “emergencies” I guess? Like when I accidentally ate something with sugar in it, or ate too many carrots or just started getting itchy butthole…that’s when I’m like OKAY PILL TIME! Otherwise, I just cook everything in coconut oil and eat rutabagas and brussels sprouts pretty much daily.

3. I don’t think I’m lacking in anything supplement wise, I think? Mostly I’m just lacking in sleep and calmness. I am really looking forward to an empty house.