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5 months with die off. Wow. That sounds horrible and you have my sympathies. I think my only real symptom is the tongue although the thrush down below is back.. a delayed reaction to the rice pudding incident i think. SF722 is good, i like it and you shouldnt have die off from that, so i believe. You just have to wait for it to come back in stock.. unless you already have some..

I can totally relate to one minute thinking your tongue is pink and the next realising its white. I’m exactly the same. Coconut oil hasnt ever given me headaches. Just bad tummy pains and sickness. It only really happens if i have very little to eat before i take it and the last time it happened i actually vomited which has never happened before. I’m almost beside myself with how uncomfortable it feels although it eventually wears off with molybdenum and nettle tea. Vomiting also helps haha

I have tried sauerkraut but it didnt do much for me. I dont know if i didnt use a good enough brand because the ones i’ve tried were very cheap. They did no harm though. Like you i’m eating lots of swede and sprouts, but i’m really missing the kefir. I think my body really is too.