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I know what you mean about the peaks and troughs – or peak, trough, trough. I’ve been having die off now for 5 months each and every day. Sometimes I convince myself my tongue is pink and then I happen to see that it’s caked in white that afternoon, despite being about as strict as I could be on the diet. And then the die-off will seem to ease, only to return with a vengeance. I hope this purgatory isn’t for life! Just hang in there!

I don’t think I’ll try greenbodies. I may try out another one on the list. I want to get up to 200 billion per day, like you. And add more than one cup of kefir into my diet. The die-off is pretty tough, though! I currently have coconut oil (16 tsp), 600g of swede, sprouts and kefir each day – and oil pulling. On to SF722 next, I think. He says squinting through the headache of the coconut oil half an hour ago.

Have you tried sauerkraut?