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DMT wrote: Who runs the site Able?
Is there any chance of them somehow amending the site to coincide with the forum protocol because I see there’s a lot of people just going ahead and starting the diet and the cleanse off the information that’s on the website and then using the forum afterwards if they run into any problems. I did this myself.

DMT, out of respect for the website and administrator, I wouldn’t want to suggest that they change their long-standing protocol just to suit the one I posted. The protocol Raster and I wrote is nothing more than our opinions and some research, plus the way I cured my own infestation and the way Raster is curing his, plus, none of us have proven that the website’s protocol can’t work. In addition, it’s an individual’s personal choice to use either the one on the forum or the one on the website, which is the American way and hopefully the way of the other countries represented here as well.

PS: DMT, I’m about to send you a personal message in addition to this reply.