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mstewart wrote: I never realized how much meat I consumed until I tried not to consume so much.

Isn’t that an important realisation to make? Red meat is terrible for your health whether you suffer from candida or not, and us Westerners consume way too many animal products in general. I used to eat meat as the focus of every meal and frown upon anything labelled vegetarian. The idea seems insane to me now. Learn to appreciate veggies more, and I’m sure your body will thank you.

The idea that you need meat is just a thought pattern that can be changed with relatively little effort thanks to the wonder of neuroplasticity. If you continue pining for steak until phase 2, you’re going to have a tough phase 1 and be more likely to gorge or go off the wagon when the ban is lifted.

I can sympathise fully with your cravings, but try to see this realisation as an opportunity for change and better health. There’s a lot more to food than meat, and a lot more to life than food. Good luck!