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Just stick with it…it will get better. I don’t even think about the food I can’t have because it made me so sick I don’t even want it. Kind of like it is poison. Instead I look forward to what I can make and search for new foods to eat. It is a pain to make two meals one for the family and one for myself…however, it is working out. I’m about at week six. I was making baklava with honey, walnuts, sugar and cinnamon yesterday…ugh that was my first hard moment. All the other Christmas cookies have been ok…but that one was a real jerk on the taste buds. I took deep inhales and thought what damage that would do to my body and moved on. Be strong. Think of the set backs you will have. I’m just to the point where I just started to have greek yogurt and kefir and I’m not wanting meat so much anymore. Quite happy with all my veggies. Didn’t think I would get there…but I am. I just know in the end I will be so much healthier and happier for my family to be around me 🙂 This bad part will pass…

Best of luck