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Eggs certainly didn’t raise my cholesterol while I was on the diet, and I ate an average of 4 to 5 a day and more if you account for the number of eggs in the bread recipes, and I did this for several months.

In research studies, people who go on the “Egg Diet” are able to lower their cholesterol over a period of time. And as I typed above, the same thing happened to me; my cholesterol was perfect before I started the treatment, but when I went back for my lab work after several months of eating eggs and no meat, the cholesterol level had dropped even further. The doctor asked what I had been doing to accomplish this “trick.” I told her I stopped eating meat and ate eggs instead, of course I got the usual look from her that I always receive after I explain my actions to her, the look always says I’m from Pluto and certainly not Earth.

A lot of people think you shouldn’t eat fried eggs because of oxidation since both egg yolks and virgin olive oil can be oxidized when frying. However, some of us get wrapped up in little details which aren’t that important instead of looking at the big picture during the treatment.

The big picture here is helping you to cure the infestation and become healthier, and at the same time trying to make your life and the treatment as easy to get through as possible.

A huge problem with the diet is of course boredom with the food; if frying an egg now and then helps you to continue eating them instead of eating meat, then I say fry yourself an egg now and then. I did this throughout my treatment along with scrambling and boiling eggs, and I still managed to cure my infestation with no additional problems.

As far as eggs or anything else that has to be done on the treatment is concerned; this isn’t a bunch of lifetime habits you’re developing (other than those you choose to continue in order to continue to improve your health), it’s a treatment for a Candida overgrowth which hopefully will end sooner than later.
If you’re interested in the cholesterol level in your body, read the following link which contains a very enlightening article about the role that cholesterol plays in your overall health.