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Hello NDfanatik,

Here is the forum protocol we developed to aid people on the journey to get better. Most people don’t know where to start and when, so this is a good general plan that you should follow.

We do not recommend brown rice on the diet because it is inflammatory and contains slight amounts of sugar and high amounts of starch. This is why potatoes are not on the diet as well; save brown rice as a cheat food item and you’ll be just fine. If you do want to eat rice…black, red, and wild rice have greater nutritional properties.

Buckwheat is a much better option than rice because it is a prebiotic (feeds the beneficial bacteria in the gut) and it only contains 25% starch. It also has a similar texture and flavor than rice.

Do you have angular chilitis? This is an indication of candida caused oral thrush…and I have it as well. The only way to heal it naturally is to reverse the flora in your gut so that candida is not a problem.

If you do have candida, plan on a 6-18 month recovery period…it takes a long time to heal from a decade or more of abuse to the gut.

I would not touch those gluten free rice crispies either; send a link to them if you don’t mind. The goal of the diet is to avoid dairy, molds, grains, yeasts, sugar, and GMO foods. The rice crispies is something you’ll want to avoid. This isn’t just a gluten free diet in other words…

The almond milk also should not be consumed on the diet, atleast not when you first are starting out. Almonds are a dried food item and contain molds which can easily feed another fungi called candida. This should be saved for a time when your gut is strong and it won’t set you back.

I started off on the wrong food with the diet as well; as I refined it I started to feel better and better. Everything you eat feeds candida, its just about feeding it as little as possible.