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I too breastfed my children. I think that this diet would scare me…but after living with this thrush for so darn long I can tell you that I would do this…I know that there is two different diets because folks here that try the diet on web site have reactions to different foods. So the diet devised here is trial and error. As mistakes have been made, reactions to different foods, diet has been adjusted to make it safer to us as we go. Ask Able900 for the diet. He is the best for guidance. I would also ask when you can/should start drinking coconut milk. Love the stuff. Love that it says 50% more calcium than reg. milk. That will help you so the baby does not start pulling calcium from your bones….coconut oil really helped me with the thrush. I wonder how it will help you and baby. Doctor’s acted like if I had thrush from brest feeding that would have been much easier to deal with…I think not. I wish you much luck. Look for support here. Sometimes it comes with different levels of compassion…but remember we are all here to help one another. I wish you tons of luck. Raster/Able has a great recipe for coconut bread. Make that into little cupcakes for you and your little one. No one will be the wiser. Best of luck to you. So sorry for you. Big hug. Jackie