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Hello Hope ! I’ve wanted to connect with you for a few days and never had the chance. That being said, sorry for the late night reply. I’m very busy and the anti-candida lifestyle is a challenging thing for me right now. I’m a french Canadian so I apologize in advance for grammatical errors 😮 I have been diagnosed with severe candida 2 weeks ago and immediately started the candida diet. I have been off gluten and cow dairy for 8 years and I eat very well. My husband loves to cook and I can say that we eat 95% fresh and organic fruits, veges, nuts, seeds grain and proteins (eggs,fish and meat). My only “vice” is a few squares of black Camino chocolate and kettle cooked chips in the evening. I’m a bit discouraged of having candida as i think i’m basically eating all the right things. On the other hand I have had alot stress in the last 18 months (mom with alzheimers). And I’ve always been prone to adrenal fatigue… I haven’t been well in the last year and worst this summer and have been to a doctor, naturopath, and homeopath. The homeopathy helped somewhat with symptoms but my chronic sore tonsils which started in July still remain. Someone suggested to get a Live Blood Analysis done from one of the best (Ted Aloisio). So i drove down to Toronto to see him and he diagnosed me in 5 seconds !! I have taken some time to read everything I could put my hands on regarding where to start and what I can eat in phase-1. I have decided to follow the Lisa Richards chart of foods to avoid. My husband is very creative in the kitchen and loves challenges! Lucky me 🙂 There are a few things I’m uncertain about though, as after 2 weeks on the diet I haven’t had any “die-off”… plus, sometimes my throat still acts up which makes me wonder if I’m making mistakes !? Are the foods which are permitted, aloud in large frequent quantities (ie: unsweetened coconut milk – quinoa – quinoa flour – almond flour – almonds – almond butter – hazelnuts, pecans, cinnamon, organic tomatoes, organic tomato juice (only ingredient) – olives (in water) – green beans, snow peas, raw unpasturized sauercraut – kimche – buckwheat – buckwheat flour – Lakanto – Stevia – asparagus – rabbit – wild game – homemade mayonnaise (with only eggs,oil and fresh herbs) – tapioca – tapioca starch – amarant starch – paleo recipes (made with almond meal)- apple cider vinigar (which I purposely drink) – I also drink cocnut oil to kill the candida. ….and reishi and maitake muchrooms???? also, what should i take as a fungicide ? thanks, Michelle 😀