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Hey, Hope!

It’s great to hear that you’re doing so amazingly well.

Congratulation on keeping the Candida in check – and even improving – while you were on the antibiotics, I’ve never read of that happening, so you may be making history it seems, great job. Seems that the extra probiotics helped, I’m glad you decided to do that, I know it was a big decision, as I’m sure all of the Candida related decisions were with you being pregnant.

I imagine any time we feel that we’ve crossed the threshold from a Candida infestation into ‘wellness’ once again – which seemed so far away at one time, and decide to start adding new foods, it’s really just a gamble because we can’t be certain that the Candida isn’t still existing in enough numbers to recreate the infestation. On the other hand, no one can blame you for trying in an attempt to prevent further weight loss – which wouldn’t be good for you or the baby no doubt.

By the way, you made me grimace in pain with that remark about a kick in the bladder, thanks. My thought was, good grief, life is tough enough without someone kicking you in the bladder – from the inside.

We’ve missed you on the forum, so thanks for giving us an update on your situation.