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2tude58;53023 wrote:

Let me know what you find on the liver/adrenal. I know my adrenal needs supported. I too have lost wayyyyyyyyy too much weight and finally stabilized with the coconut:)

I have been fluctuating with good days and bad days,which doesnt make sense if you are being consistent in your habits and diet. Stress has to play a significant role here.

Anyhoo, so I look at the adrenal mix and the liver mix that Dr Morse has going on and I want to try it, but dont have the money just yet. I have been drinking detox teas and liver support teas, and noticed that some of the adrenal-support herbs are in them.
When I say im drinking these teas, like 2 cups a day.

I am taking vitamin D, about 1600iu a day (great if you have issues with your teeth,I am severely deficient) and a Flinstone vitamin (realized it was the vitamin making me very dizzy,still dont know why) and occasionally pop 1 or 2 vitamin Cs,500mgs.
I am going to start taking biotin, 1000mg once I feel I have more control over this.

Dr Morse’s vid on candida says he recommends an almost all fruit diet to clear this, when I am not reacting to fruit sugar anymore. The fruits, as simple sugars, should be absorbed almost immediately if there are no absorption issues, and a few weeks/months on this should
clean out the system and balance the yeast instead of “killing it”.
While most people thats been on this diet for a long time may scoff ( I wont lie, scared the hell out of me) I have to say, I eat a berry smoothie in the morning, salads or quinoa in the afternoon, and today I ate grapes with chocolate coconut yogurt, and damned if I went completely symptom free!

Thats huge for me, since 3 days ago it hurt to swallow and just the idea of quinoa made me think hell-no.

Im not doing the coconut oil anymore ( fats keep sugar hanging out longer in blood methinks )
but im going to continue the coconut yogurt (still high in fat IMO)and the astringent fruits like berries and grapes. Taking my supplements. Drinking my teas.

I think a huge part of healing this is finding out what your deficiencies are and handling them. I would have no idea I was deficient in Vitamin D living in Florida. That would never occur to me. Just taking my supplements for almost a week and my chills are gone.

There will be setbacks and learning experiences but so far, I want to do most of my healing using food instead of fungal treatments if I can.
This might sound stupid, but maybe aggressive action causes a stronger fight-back.
It needs to be there to some degree, and letting it know that we can compromise might make this a smoother ride.