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Vegan Catlady
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I recognize the protocol.

You need to do what you feel brings you comfort, but I think your going too heavy on the antifungals.

This might sound crazy, but there are a few members here that have shared my experience-
when I began taking antifungals, the candida fought back and got alot worse.
Im not talking about die-off (yeah,there was alot of that)but im talking about having symptoms that I didnt have before, that I suddenly have now that I try to hit it hard too fast.

Some of us think it causes the fungus to freak out and hook-in harder.

No worries though. There are things you can take that can relax that going on.

I cant follow the strict protocol diet because I need my carbs/sugar to maintain my mental stability.
I am vegan, and that means I dont have the same protein sources that is commonly found on the diet.

I believe this offers me an edge, as the kidneys dont have to work as hard when you dont eat animal protein.
Animal protein is dehydrating, meaning you can drink all day long but as long as you consume this protein it will all be peed out 😉 Eggs,fish, and meat also constipate you.
I cant imagine not having two bowel movements a day, and prior to being sick I went 3-4 times a day.
I think its key in feeling better.

Like I said though, you might consider that you are taking quite a bit of supplement
(many people on here take alot more! its crazy!) and one thing I would like to mention here…please read the threads on S.Boulardii.

It should not be taken with ANY antifungal therapy at all…or you are just throwing your money away.
Most people taking S Boulardii ONLY take it after they have done weeks/months of antifungal or strict diet, then they ONLY do the S Boulardii. This way it has an opportunity to hang out and do its job without being killed by antifungals 🙂