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Vegan Catlady
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I realized over the course of 3 months that the advice you get on various forums is determined by where in the body the over-growth is for the person offering the advice.

Remember I keep saying that it wasnt until I introduced strong antifungals that I suddenly had digestive issues I never had before?

My candida over growth is mostly in my throat and esophagus.

Imagine my horror to keep hearing that only people with AIDS or Hepatitis have this issue!

Well I have been tested for all those things due to career-choices and I dont have evidence of any major illness. Yet, when I eat sugar or anything sweet or even high starch, my throat begins closing and my ears ring, my sinuses tingle,my eyes get dry. My esophagus feels like it burns.

Treated for GERD with no positive result at all years ago, thats not what this is.

I responded immediately to limiting sugar and starch. I even began to reverse my situation until I decided to fight harder, which actually set me back!

I learned I have to take my time and go slow. Where my candida is, that is what works for me, not everyone 😉

And its moving slow.

I still react, but its taking MORE to react than it did, so testing my situation out repeatedly is probably setting me back further and further everytime I try….but I have to say, seeing atleast the tiniest bit of evidence that its improving is keeping me from going crazy.

Everyone is different.

On my adrenal formula and endocrine formula for a few weeks now, I had immediate results neurotransmitter-wise. The rest will take months. But within a few days I felt better emotionally and my drive is a bit pronounced.
Im assuming that comes with the hormone-balancing procedure the remedies do.

So far I would encourage adrenal and endocrine support for everyone,not just some.