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ThomasJoel2;52998 wrote:

A big source would be one that’s in constant contact to the body, such as a leaking mercury filling that you are constantly breathing in the toxic vapors.

Fish on the other hand is something most people eat on occasion already. It’s not like we eat fish 3 times a day so comparing the two floggi, fish would be not as concerning. Thanks for trying to confuse more people who are only here to heal!

Im going to disagree here.

Eating fish, just because everybody does it, does not make it RIGHT or HEALTHY.
Actually, eating fish in this context is the same damn thing as doing only a little heroine, or a little cocaine. Your still doing drugs and wondering why you cant get your act together!
Same with mercury.MERCURY ACCUMULATES!

Anyone still eating fish AND complaining about fillings is a dumbass in my book.
I agree with Floggi that if you have a suspected mercury problem eating fish is NOT a good idea. I stay away from fish permanently for this very reason.

The idea though that the mercury leaking from amalgam fillings over the period of a year is equivalent to one single serving of tuna is incredibly inaccurate and misleading. According to Dr. Shade the split between mercury poisoning from fish and that from amalgams is about even in the patients he sees. He determines this by measuring the different forms of mercury within the patient. He talks about this and other issues in this interview, if you’re interviewed:

Also Catlady, I just wanted to tell you that it makes me very happy to hear that you are still considering the mercury issue and also that I appreciate the kind words.

Totally agree. Impossible mentioned this in another thread. I’ve been impatiently waiting to get several molars done away with and this month it’s finally going to happen! I believe this is the greatest problem contributing to getting healthier for me. Root canals, fillings and babying some really bad teeth (with crowns no less!) along has been a nightmare.