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Vegan Catlady
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Jessgentry26;55526 wrote: hey cat lady,
just saw your post on my thread and thought i would continue it on yours! the strict diet blows but i’ve always been able to drop foods relatively easily, but now the cravings are getting out of control and on top of it I’m at that “fuck everything” point and just let myself lose it cuz I’m not getting better. Its awful. I have a great support system but at the end of the day, bottom line, we can’t figure out what the hell is wrong with me. What the MAIN issue is. I don’t know if you saw my test results posted in reply to someone else but my GI tract immune system is barely functioning (.03) and candida alone can’t cause that much damage. Neither can lyme. Its something else too. What do you think? Do you think candida alone can destroy my immune system that much? I’ve done pretty much every test under the sun and everything comes back normal. I was even convinced i had chrones, but nope. What also is weird is its not just my stomach that gets bloated. For example, I’m not allergic to nuts. But when i eat them, i get a huge craving and will eat them and then before i know it my bra is super tight and my face is swollen. Yeah, sounds like an allergic reaction except I’m not allergic to them…i’ve been tested. This happens with everything I eat. It lessens with fish and veggies, but even those bloat me a little. WTF to that. doctors have no idea why that is happening.

Because you asked, Im going to tell you my perspective of your situation.

I agree you probably have a few things going on, not just one or two.
I wouldnt worry about that, because I believe the answer to many illnesses come down to the same thing-
Get the immune system functioning proper, make sure we are eliminating proper, and get the lymph flowing.
If we do this, our glands come back into balance, fungus and bad bacteria have no comfortable place to thrive, and over time we heal things we didnt even know was broken.

After I found out I had candida (super-bad day just before,I lost it…suicidally depressed and everything!)I wrote a letter to Dr Morse explaining my situation. He actually responded in a youtube video which was really helpful, and put many things into perspective for me.

Basically he told me I must have acidosis, which I couldnt understand how I got it being vegan but it made total sense. When I began treating it with diet and teas, I began to feel better.
I began feeling so much better that I started reintroducing so many foods, and over a few days started
feeling bad again….so im pulling back a lot. It actually DOES feel like your back at square-1 when you feel bad again, but in reality you made headway and just have to get back on the routine.

I think you might be taking a lot of stuff that might be aggravating your system.
When you take a lot of stuff, its hard to know what is working, and what isnt.

Whatever it is you have, that I have, that anyone has,it can all be treated the same until we have a better idea of what it is specifically.

Can you list for me all your supplements, and what you are eating?
If you decide to, I can go through the stuff I am familiar with and let you know if any of it is redundant, or if I know of any contraindications.
I dont claim to be medically-inclined, but if I see something I am familiar with, I can refer you to the studies and sources I have that might be able to help you.
I will only speak from my personal experience, because I think its dangerous for someone to post advice they havent had firsthand experience with.