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Vegan Catlady
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Peter;53275 wrote:

Catlady like you said, i hope too won’t be forever 🙂
I’ve started exactly like you you know? 2 years ago after the shower my leg’s skin became red and itchy.
I had few days before pains in stomach. In the next days i got a very bad cystitis(never had in my life so strong like that)and diarrea almost everyday.
I’ve started to have acid reflux when i entered in hospital cause they didn’t knew at all how to cure me. I lost 3 kilos in 3 days. After that i understood was something serious because i lost other 5 kilos and i hadnt even the strenght to walk. I remember that the acids from my stomach sometimes entered in my lungs provocating into me many asthma crisis.
When i understood how serious was this disease was too late, i had almost systemic infection cause i had several welts over all my body and lips thrush.
Unfortunately nobody knows how much strong is this fungo…so many money wasted for doctors that were totally incompetent and i’m sure it is not a local problem. After reading few posts in this website i saw that in every country of the world there’s too much ignorance about candida. Now the worse is past. I’m better but candida never abandoned me. We have all the same hope. Best of luck for you…

Thanks Peter,
did you ever find the cause of your candida?

From what I understand, candida overgrowth should not be forever. Have you determined why its still there?

My red welts were triggered from something that was growing in a bag of gardening soil.
I did not have candida issues until I took the antibiotics they gave me as precaution, because they thought the welts were staph or strep, when I TOLD them I had no cuts of bug bites.
It sucks that I believed they knew better than I did, and that I listened to them when they truly had no clue.
It sucks that doctors prescribe antibiotics with zero clue that it causes overgrowth of candida. And it sucks that they dont listen.

I was in the hospital just days ago and when I told the ER doc that I had candida in my system, he laughed and said I dont see anything in your throat or on your tongue.

I hope the quality of your life now makes up for the hard time you had.
No one deserves that.

You know what is weird?

You would think that a few docs would entertain the idea that we are not crazy, and maybe check out this forum and read everyone’s story.

Unfortunately most docs are way too cool for that…forbid that they learn something from us common-folk 😉