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Vegan Catlady
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So I spent the whole day yesterday only eating fruit.

After the past 2 days taking advil and painkillers, I wanted to clean-out.
Fruit being astringent cleans the lymph and detoxifies.

Veggies do not clean or detoxify. Especially cooked. They build-up. Fortify.

I was very scared to do too much. Usually I can do fruit for 1 meal and sometimes two, but the moment I feel my throat get sore, I have to stop.

Yesterday went awesome. I actually cant wait to do it again, I feel great today, no bloating and no sore throat, I feel like I did some good.

See, we figure the candida is in my throat/esophagus, due to the way I react to straight sugar.
My throat will close, my chest tighten-up, if I eat straight sugar/candy/juice.

Those were the only places I felt any bad reactions, until I introduced antifungals.
Once i introduced antifungal in a stronger way than food, my digestion went faulty and I suddenly couldnt eat anything without a bad reaction. It was awful.

I went from symptoms only in my throat and chest to sensitivities to everything, in just a matter of a few days of antifungal treatment.

I thought I was getting worse, and freaked out, hitting the antifungals HARDER which in my particular case, created more symptoms than I originally had. No die-off, just digestive issues. Took a few days after the anifungals to feel relief.

At this point though, I am doing way better.

I am digesting better, I am less stressed, and I am beginning to get less reactions to things that used to set me off.

Getting closer to my brownie and whiskey celebration,lol.