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Jessgentry26;55541 wrote: yeah i actually love salt….i put it on everything. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if my adrenals are dead right now. Im pretty sure I’m starving to death…no joke. Well not after today cuz i should be dead with how much shit i over loaded on. Bloating was the initial reason i went to the doctor, its been there since day one. I mean its awful. I look like I’m pregnant. Veggies and fish bring it down, i actually thought the candida was bringing on the bloating cuz as soon as i went on the diet it went down significantly but didnt go away completely. Another symptom is my appetite is SHOT. Been that way since day 1. Can’t remember the last time i woke up and felt empty so i know I’m not digesting food properly, i can see that from my stool alone but nothing has helped it. I’m trying two new supplements (biogest–thorne) cuz i know i don’t have enough acid. A diet that works for me would be great but everything irritates me or makes it worse unless its low in far and low in carbs. Its not realistic because then i literally starve and i begin losing my mind and i have zero energy. Anxiety is through the roof, but i’ve been feeling this way for so long and have tried so many different things as well as tests that I’m utterly desperate and am losing strength and hope in finding out what the hell is going on. i’m pretty much a medical mystery right now…especially since candida isn’t even showing up as positive on stool test. But i did do a spit test and saw the f****ers there. 🙂 thank you for your time and for listening. I’m going to check out his safe food diets now. Oh heres another thing…even cauliflower irritates me…wtf? I also get cravings for it…i swear I’m feeding something else. I don’t gain a pound either. I ate probably 3 times my weight in sugar today and i won’t get a pound. I bloat up, and within a week I’m right back down to 102 pounds (I’m 5’5 so yeah I’m starving to death). just some more information to give ya.

If you have more going on than just candida, you might want to address it using a broad-spectrum bad-bacteria/virus/fungicide.This would be something like Parasite M by Dr Morse.
It handles fungus/virus/bacteria.
I do not personally use it, because I had a bad reaction to Olive Leaf.
Otherwise I would probably give it a try for a few days, and you would know using it if you had more than just candida going on.

I personally dont do any big-gun products, because a longer route that is gentle works best for me.
If you want to try going that route, keep with the diet that makes you feel best and drop all the supplements. Eliminate all meat and eggs for atleast 3 days, longer if you can tolerate it, and see if that encourages better elimination temporarily.

Do some extra biotin (keeps the candida from going fungal I read, but in my experience its been nothing but helpful).

Do lots of herbal teas throughout the day (herbal teas are naturally antifungal but not in a sharp way) to open up channels of elimination,esp kidneys.I have a list of the teas I prefer and why on another thread.

Do coconut oil, a tsp, twice a day if you can handle it.
I know people do alot more and more often, but a high-fat diet doesnt always feel good.

One food people say do NOT eat that I eat because I used to get nauseous is cinnamon toast.
I ate a high-fiber bread with a butter made of a flax-oil mixture (Earth Balance)and sprinkled it good with cinnamon.
Cinnamon is a great antifungal and seems to lessen the reaction you would normally get eating bread. The Earth balance butter I swear by.
Again, its not for everybody but you have to eat as much as you can that works for you.

People say do not eat fruit,
by I have gotten by eating mixed-berry smoothies. Rasp/strawberry/blueberry/blackberry frozen, in a blender, with vanilla coconut milk or coconut yogurt. Sometimes cinnamon.
berries have ellagic acid in them which help break down candida biofilm.

Honestly, I think when we start doing lots of supplements, our body freaks and freezes a little. Freezes the elimination and the candida hibernates for when you decide to lighten-up.

I could be wrong, but my experience is that throwing a bunch of supplements down made my situation worse, not better.

I am seeing progress in my choice, which isnt for everybody, but everybody could try it for a day or two when they are feeling overwhelmed and need a break from taking so much stuff.