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Peter;53296 wrote:

Thanks Peter,
did you ever find the cause of your candida?

From what I understand, candida overgrowth should not be forever. Have you determined why its still there?

My red welts were triggered from something that was growing in a bag of gardening soil.
I did not have candida issues until I took the antibiotics they gave me as precaution, because they thought the welts were staph or strep, when I TOLD them I had no cuts of bug bites.
It sucks that I believed they knew better than I did, and that I listened to them when they truly had no clue.
It sucks that doctors prescribe antibiotics with zero clue that it causes overgrowth of candida. And it sucks that they dont listen.

I was in the hospital just days ago and when I told the ER doc that I had candida in my system, he laughed and said I dont see anything in your throat or on your tongue.

I hope the quality of your life now makes up for the hard time you had.
No one deserves that.

You know what is weird?

You would think that a few docs would entertain the idea that we are not crazy, and maybe check out this forum and read everyone’s story.

Unfortunately most docs are way too cool for that…forbid that they learn something from us common-folk 😉

Well the cause i’m not sure yet but probably i linked all that happened to me to some vaccinations i did cause i’ve traveled to tropical areas and i needed to. And also to some antibiotics i’ve took to cure an ear infection that wasn’t caused from bacteria but from acid reflux. I realized too late that my ear pains werent cause infection and it wasn’t my fault(stupid doctors as usual that prescribe too many antibiotics!!) Vaccinations and antibiotics i had almost in same periods so from what i’ve red about candida there’s an evident possibility i developed candida cause those factors. I just don’t understand why all the other times i took antibiotics nothing happened to me, never. Probably my immuno defenses were low…i really don’t know.
I laugh now you know? because it’s amazing how much similarities i found in your words about experiences with doctors. My last contact with a gastro specialist was 2 months ago. I’ve seated in front of 3 doctors: One old person plus 2 girls (probably medicine students). I’ve started to explain that i have intestinal candida and he went upset and talked aggressive with me telling that i am anxious and candida does not exist?!? i exited out the room without give to them the possibility to conclude their speech. And you’re right, i’m done with doctors that laugh in your face treating you like you come from the moon.
Anyway i’m beginning a new diet with my dietologist because although my infection was under control i continued to suffer often on abdominal pains and nausea.
Im lowing a lot wholemeal pasta now which is a pretty hard thing for an italian guy hehe 🙂 then im preferring nuts and olive oil which i take from a friend that produce it. I use fresh coconut, hazelnuts, avocado. Ceci and beans. I do also home made bread with wholemeal flour and without yeast if you want the recipe i can tell you.
It’s an hard battle without doubts. it’s a battle that you cannot stop even for a second. Probably that is what make it so difficult to face.
By the way if i will find something that works fine with my diet i will post here for sure, cheers

You rock,Pete. I appreciate any and all input. Sounds like your eating okay though, not a hard diet to live with if your still eating pasta, even if it is wholemeal!

Im with you on the antibiotics-
I have taken them before and got the candida under control with my own immune system kicking in and taking care of it if it was there, but this time its just not leaving so easily.

Im lucky that the only doctor I believe in that doesnt think we are all crazy happens to live in my state, still a couple hours away but if I get desperate enough I will visit him for sure.
He doesnt think anyone should have this going on for more than a year or two, and thats a timeline I can work with.
I hate hearing that some people have had this for many years…no one should live like this for that long…its wrong on so many levels. No one should be told its anxiety, or its in their head. They said that to my 12 yr old son. They told me to get him a psychiatrist, because his symptoms are all in his head! Maybe this makes me a bad person, but I wish those people get candida. You should NOT be a doctor if you cannot open your mind to allow that you might not know something 😉