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Well because i have never had a positive stool result test, I’ve decided to perform a new test that you may think its insane and stupid but i do have a method for my madness.
So for one week starting today, i am going off of anti fungals. I Have a stool test that requires me to be off anti fungals for at least 1 week prior to testing so it can get an accurate result. (Before, i was on anti fungals, my doctor didn’t inform me i need to be off of them).
For a period of 3 days starting today, I am going to eat processed food, including sugar (i know, I’m crazy) and keep a food log of reactions, symptoms etc.) After those three days, I am going to begin going back to the diet of fish, eggs, and veggies that i was previously doing before hand and write down my symptoms reactions etc. By doing so, not only will the stool test have a more accurate reading but I will also be able to show my doctors that this isn’t food allergies, there is something else going on because I’m reacting to everything i’m eating. This prevents them just writing me off as JUST leaky gut or one side problem. I’m preparing all my lab work and symptoms to be recorded this week because I am planning to go to an infectious disease specialist at John Hopkins or George Washington. So yes, even though i may look like I’m on a suicide mission by changing my diet to feed everything bad, i need the symptoms to be there to record and show me exactly how I’m reacting. Then i will return to anti fungals after the tests are submitted and resume diet.