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Dear Catlady, it’s fine if you stop posting – but please, stop only temporarily!

I posted my point of view in a different thread.

Maybe I can give you a tip.

Some years ago, I used to get as enraged as you are when I was bullied on some forum. I even retracted from some forums due to such bullies. Heck, even on this forum I once was so annoyed that I deleted some of my posts.

Luckily, I learned that those bullies are only shouting. [h]They cannot harm me!!![/h] I was harming myself by taking their assaults personally, as if the bulllies were standing next to me and shouting their evil words directly in my face.

But they weren’t. They were sitting at their computers, writing silly texts. Those texts showed their distorted characters at worst, or their enormous fear of my words at best. Their attacks proved that my words had an impact, that my message was important, that my presence couldn’t be ignored. Which means, when you think about it, that their attacks really showed that I was reaching my goal!

Since I started realizing these facts, all of a sudden their attacks didn’t hurt me anymore. I read their words, but instead of feeling enraged, I pitied them. This may sound like patting myself on the back, but I suddenly felt like standing quite some morality levels above them. Their behavious (mind you: not the person, only the behaviour!) was so predictable, so simplistic, so narrow-minded… they couldn’t hurt me anymore, even if they wanted!

I hope you can reach this level of independence, this level of self-esteem, this level of disdain for bullying or trying to attack the messenger. Then you too can continue to help others by contributing your viewpoint. It may take a while, but your viewpoint will be broadly accepted, and you will help lots of people with your contributions.

For now, do take some time off. When you’re ready, come back. You may return slowly, posting only a few contributions on only a few days a week – but, please: DO return.