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Vegan Catlady
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Just over 3 weeks and I had a chocolate peanut butter cup without incident.

Thats HUGE for me. Or maybe its the little things in life.

Since I am a fan of outward signs and symptoms being a reflection of what is going on inwardly, im going to share whats happening in my life and what I can attribute this to.

The last year has been challenging to me financially and in my relationship. I think that stuff goes hand in hand anyway.

Candida to me represents “the sweetness in life” and not feeling like I have any of it.
I dont think this means I dont have sweetness, but that I perceive that I dont have sweetness. I can honestly say I have actually used those WORDS before I saw symptoms.
Now, I can literally say that I cant have sweetness so I dont….but I now take a moment every day to count my blessings, not with gratitude but with appreciation. 2 very different things!

Also, I have felt overwhelmed the last year too.
Interestingly enough, 8 months ago, we got a bad ant problem in the house. Those little tiny ones that no insecticide can kill. They actually require a 6 month series of special baiting to get under control.
At first this was annoying, but we thought we had it handled. A few weeks of rain and we found ants in everything sweet we had in the house!
You couldnt have a cup of coffee without a line of ants showing up in 20 minutes. No lie.

Again I heard myself say,”damn! we cant have anything sweet!!!”

I was pissed!
Interesting note: Louise Hay says candida represents anger. LOL.

Ants,in numbers, is “overwhelmed-ment “.

First, me having the candida issue and an ant issue is coincidence enough…but you know how I know the ant problem is because of my attitude??? I know have the ants living under the hood of my 2013 van.

How funny is that shit?

I mean, people can say im reading too much into this (its all good) but I think there is a community of us out there that know there is a connection to what perceive, think,and feel…and the outward manifestations usually support that.