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2tude58;53006 wrote:

The coconut in all forms has been a mainstay for me. If I have to stay on this diet to feel better than so be it. I’ve had a few times I’ve eaten something I thought was ok, paid for it dearly with the symptoms you’ve described and then some.I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired so figure foods just not that important but health is.

As for now am waiting to get Rasters list of anti-fungals/leaky gut help. so have been using the ones on my every day shopping list at home. Coconut oil, coconut kefir, garlic, oregano the list goes on along with supplements. I’m having a few more good days, still having set backs with exhaustion/die off (i use a ton of coconut oil and kefir) but they seem a tiny bit better each round. Around 6 months into this and my greatest concern is still muscle loss and trying to rebuild after 3 years+ off work. Leaky gut and liver healing is something I’ve been working with and around to get healthier. What a journey but I can honestly say what I’m eating now daily is healthy enough to help heal any way I look at it. The only thing that would make it faster in some areas would be juicing everything and that’s too expensive for now.

I hear you, no question that the diet provides relief.
But staying on this diet indefinitely is the same thing as staying on statins for cholesterol instead of just working on getting the cholesterol under control. It only serves the symptoms,not the problem. I hope we are off it at some point soon.
But im with you there, BLESS THE FREAKING COCONUT. I would be 90lbs right now if I werent eating coconut-everything.

Juicing is VERY expensive. Im staring at my juicer right now, collecting dust, last time used was last year. WAY too expensive.

im looking into Dr Morse’s liver and adrenal blends.
I heard good things. Might move things along faster.