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Thomas wrote: Hi Jorge,
I have a question about Proper chelation technics and chelators. You say they are safe.

I heard that one should not chelate when one still has his amalgan in the mouth. The first step would be to get them out in a safe way and then and only then chelate.

I dont have the money for that right now but I would like to learn more about a safe way to chelate. Do you have any suggestion to books or webpages?


Hi Thomas,

Yes, I will help you.
The book you should read is Amalgam Illness by Andy Cutler. There is a yahoo group that I am a member called Frequent-Doses-Chelation. Become a member !There are Drs, Chemists, and other professional people posting. The moderators are “experts” in the Cutler’s protocol that it is thought the best and safest way to chelate. The group is a real school about this matter. I can guide you but is better you learn yourself with them and with the book I also own.