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Hi M, welcome.

Sorry to hear you’ve been suffering for so long. I’ve personally suffered from Candida for over three years, but I only found out in late Feb what was wrong with me after a series of tests recommended by a nutritionist.

The diet plan she put me on was so wrong, so many sugars all over the place. I found this forum and found the strict diet that this forum promotes.

Now, before I go any further, my candida got so bad that I woke up every morning so bloated, it was awful. I pushed myself every morning to run 30 minutes and have a 15 minute sauna session just to feel slightly better. By the end of January I had had enough and decided to see a nutritionist. I had been to about 8 doctors over those three years and had just about every medical test done on my insides and they found nothing wrong, that’s when I decided it must be the food I was putting in that is the cause.

So here I am following “the protocol” that was written by Able and Raster. Even after a short space of time, I already don’t wake up in the morning bloated and I actually get a good nights sleep now.

I am still going to be following this diet for a very long time, but I’ve seen an improvement already.

Nothing but love.