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Bucephalus wrote: It’s a legitimate question we’re asking Jorge. Don’t mean to offend you. I hope you are getting cured, for my sake, it is concerning that’s all, that you’re still doing research on this, instead of focusing more on your other life goals when you think you have this thing just about kicked.
So because of that I feel that you’re not either optimistic about your treatment, or you have been involved with this stuff so long now that you just love it, and live and breath fighting candida day in day out and get great satisfaction out of helping others. Which is fine too.

But you have to look at it from our perspective. Here is a guy who has no symptoms, who now has relaxed his diet, and is satisfied with the progress of his treatment, but then he’s still searching the net for more solutions.

It doesn’t add up until you explain why you’re doing it. If it’s just to help others that’s fine, but how are we to know that until you explain that to us.


I have been doing it for so long that is almost part of my life. I live alone and have more than enough time to post in the forums. Another thing is when I began to fight it in 2008, the information I found wasn’t the best. There were and still are a lot of myths and false information going around candida. I want to help to clear that.
In fact, It has been a lot of time I don’t look for anything for me in the candida forums. When I began to post in this forum, I wasn’t looking for anything but to share my knowledge.
At least, there emerge some new treatment or something extremely relevant, I have done enough to known the best way to battle it in my case. I am happy with my research and knowledge about this syndrome so far. Honestly, I haven’t found anything “new” in the forums since long time.

Sure, there will be a moment when I have to leave all this in the past, but it has not come yet. You see this abstract about Pomegranate, well, like this there are more than 200 saved in my computer about candida.