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The way you wrote that post made it sound like you bought the product and it was on its way to you.

So, of course, those of us following your story would wonder about it. Of course.

Rereading it and thinking about it I see you did not buy it. My mistake.

I hope you don’t leave. I read all your posts and they have big impact. There are probably many that do. Please keep posting.


dvjorge wrote:

I saw it but I guess I’m confused why you are buying it. You have reported you are free of symptoms and now going off your diet.

Have symptoms returned ?


See the case right here. Nobody has commented and replied this post !
I brought this product that is cheap and coming with 240 capsules.
Probably, it has more antifungal activity than all that people in candida forums are taking now.
I mean more powerful antifungal effects than the popular known natural substances.

Punicalagin, present in pomegranate peel has shown powerful antifungal activity and synergism with the azoles.


If I am not crazy yet, I have never mentioned that I bought it. I said I bring (brought) it to the forum. Guys, sometimes, it is better to let you alone.