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Tylar wrote: Excellent article, Jorge! A copy of it is included in the appendix of Dr. Truss’s classic book, The Missing Diagnosis, along with two of his other articles: “Tissue Injury Induced by Candida Albicans” and “The Role of Candida Albicans in Human Illness.”

Kinda dry reading, but great information.

Yes, I own his two books.
I posted it because people need to understand the syndrome and know that reversing the immune tolerance is a TIME matter (do what you do)
You can see people eating eggs and vegetables for months with the infection still present. I mean the diet is necessary but you don’t need to go to the extremes because it won’t solve the problem. The immune restoration takes time and the time frame is different in everyone.
Just what I read yesterday in this forum inspired me to post the article. The battle against candida isn’t a war of killing it totally but to reduce its level during enough time to allow the immune system wake up. !!!

You can not starve yourself thinking that doing that your immune tolerance will be reversed. It is a process that take times.
I don’t know what make people think that if they were 3 or 4 months eating almost nothing, candida will die if they hold it 2 or 3 more months. If this kind of diet were to kill the fungus, 3 or 4 months is more than enough.
Don’t confuse my words, the diet is necessary ( a diet such as the diet the guys here advice ) I am against the extremely restrictive diets because it won’t bring the solution.
It will be a moment where all us will be recovering the immunity. It may take 3 months for you and 2 years for me. We need to wait for our moment. I am sure we get it at the end with discipline and perseverance.