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For your wind woes, I would check out zypan or betaine HCL which can completely reduce or eliminate gas. I take zypan personally and its not really a problem anymore. I do get a little bit of natural gas but the unnatural really smelly gas I used to get no longer is happening. Your body isn’t producing enough hydrochloric acid, which is typical with candida sufferers per dr. mcoombs.

On a side note: I would look to eating some salads with your meals; you need more veggies! I eat 2 per day!

I wouldn’t worry too much about the bad ingredients in your supplements; I would finish the bottles and find ones that don’t contain starch.

For parasites, the diet, black walnut extract, and diacatamus earth (mispell) are good ways to go. There really isn’t too much to do about them other than this and more antifungals or prescription medication.

I’d also check out SF722 and this is very strong and powerful. Its one of the cornerstones of my treatment.