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Ugh! I have been fighting candida since May. I too have debilitating anxiety and panic. I feel like I’m dying everyday. I’ve had to take a super slow approach because die off is so bad. I’m currently taking Kyolic 102, probiotics, and vitamins. I am getting die off from everything. I’m hoping this is my body getting stronger and attacking this at a much quicker pace??
I have mainly used caprylic acid and oil of oregano.
To help cope with die off, I’ve been getting acupuncture and reiki treatments. These really help with the anxiety. It’s expensive but I need to go. I’m trying to get at least two treatments/week.
I’m out of work and barely leave my house. It’s so upsetting to live like this. I’m really scared and lonely. I’m out of work and can barely interact with my 1 1/2 year old daughter and husband. I have no family here and it’s such a struggle. I’m praying this nightmare is over soon!!