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Able900 wrote:

Hi! I just received Molybdenum from the US sent by a friend. Since there were only two bottles of 250 mcg available, she sent the other two bottles of potency 150 mcg. Can someone please suggest the number of doses for 150 mcg, and which one should I start with…250 mcg or 150 mcg. Both are Amino Acid Chelate.

Start with the one that has the closest expiration date. If the dates are the same, or within a few days of each other, start with the 250 mcg because you may not even need to bother with the other.

When you take the 250 mcg, take three a day.

When you take the 150 mcg, take it five times a day.


thanx 🙂 …did that…have started with 250 mcg…finally i get to start after such a long wait for these supplements… keeping my fingers crossed!!