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My naturopath told me not to take molybdenum because it causes the removal (chelation) of trace minerals from the body (aka demineralization) and if you need minerals, then it is not helpful to your treatment.

As an alternative, I was put on some juniperus communis homeopathic which protects your liver and kidneys just like molybdenum does. If you cannot obtain the homeopathic, the juniper berry extract should work in a similar manner:–Juniper-Berry-Extract.aspx

There are tons of herbs out there that protect the liver. Milk thistle is one, dandelion is another, swedish bitters, artichoke, and more. I have a liver cleanse posted on the sticky tab as a mob up to the damage candida did to the liver (meant for later in your treatment).

Check out this post about sweating out the toxins and how this alone can reduce die-off:

I’d research as many liver and kidney herbs there is out there and take them.