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After much studying as well as a lot of experience with the influence of various antifungals on the final outcome of a Candida albicans infestation, I can confidently say that the infestation can be cured by using just two antifungals, “providing” the two you use are coconut oil and oregano oil and also providing you can afford to purchase commercial probiotics as well as kefir grains and use both of these on a regular basis when the time comes to do so. In fact, if someone told me that they could afford to purchase only three different supplements during their entire treatment, I would suggest that they purchase coconut oil, commercial probiotic capsules, and kefir grains. The fact is, antifungals do not have the ability of curing a Candida infestation, but together, the three supplements I named can.

As far as the Candida adapting to oregano oil is concerned, I have never found solid research showing that the Candida can or cannot adapt to oregano oil, but through my own experience, my assumption is that they cannot. However, it will not make a difference in your progress if you take the oil of oregano for two weeks straight and then stop it for 5 days before starting it again. I would continue taking the coconut oil on a daily basis as the Candida cannot adapt to it.

Certain foods can also act as very strong antifungals; two of the most powerful foods for this purpose are rutabaga and Brussels sprouts. Be careful if you eat one of these for the first time as they are capable of causing die-off symptoms.