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ambrosia;41279 wrote: I suffered from acne for many years and I always thought it was hormonal. I tried everything, even going to one of those acne clinics, but nothing really worked. I was taking Vitamin E for hair loss, but found that it also helped make my skin less oily. However, what really cleared my skin was milk thistle/silymarin. I started taking it to detox my liver and one of the happy “side effects / surprises” was my acne disappeared within months! The cause of everyone’s acne is different so it’s hard to say whether it will work for you, but you can give it a try. If you have candida then you may have liver issues as well and that may be the root of your acne problems.


I’ve had Acne since I was 18. Now 30 I’ve been battling it for years wondering if I’d ever be freed from this horrible self esteem robbing disease. I’ve tried literally everything. I started getting moderate success just by adding leafy green smoothies to my diet and not really altering the greasy crap I was eating so it led me to believe it was a diet issue.

Now I am going through this incredible hellish Candida battle and I wonder if I’ve had it since I was 18 and just didn’t realize the symptoms of acne and skin rashes were Candida. Now that the symptoms changed into food allergies headaches and thrush. I realized what was going on.

To my surprise since I completely overhauled my diet and cut out sugar. I’ve had 0 new pimples in the past 2 weeks. That may not sound like a long time to some but for me that is amazing cause that has never happened before.

If I ever win this battle, I may have a lot of answers that will improve my life.

As depressed as I am right now, I pray that Candida could be a blessing in disguise for me.