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I’m back on a more “normal” diet, since the strict diet did a lot of damage regarding hypoadreni. I only take the antifungals that also “sedates” the yeast (fatty acids such as those found in olive oil, coconut oil, and lacto acid bacteria etc.) and rotate the carbs.

But please bear in mind that I never had a reason for getting candida, it has followed me since childhood and I am now chelating mercury in the hope of this being the root cause.

I had adrenal fatigue for many years, ignoring it. Going on Able’s almost stupid diet made me very sick with more aggressive CRC, and what felt like a 3-month long adrenal crash.
When I first started eating more carbs again and stopped the natural antifungals, I felt damn great for some weeks, I was sure I was cured(did also start on antidepressant and allergy medicin, did help a lot on the sleep!). but I was eating carbs I hadn’t eaten a long time, and the candida always get used to feed on the carbs you eat the most – in short, back then I got the benefits of loads of energy (and a great immune function) from the carbs while the candida was not adapted to feed on it yet.

Now I got more AF from chelation, but I had periods of being very well only by handling my adrenal problems and getting up early in the morning for the boost of the morning raise of cortisol, and thereby better immunity. Some times I can eat most carbs by just handling AF properly and rotation the source of carbs often+lots of greens. Although I have to keep in mind that AF and CRC is very related, especially if CRC is an allergy related complex. But what do I know…

Warning: This might not work for you, I’m not an expert in any ways..!

But of what I know about the crude antifungals like GSE, oil of oregano and raw garlic (being fungi-statics and also killing some lactoacid bacteria) combined with a low carb diet; that together >can< give a more aggressive hyphae-mediated fungal growth – And that is not a good thing for patients with already low adrenal function.

Most fungi reacts aggressive against any changes in their environment/threats that can kill it. A mannan rich environment gives a passive yeast, same with acids, regulation the hyphea growth via the PRA-1 protein in candida albicans. Sorry if I sound of going on a rant against the restricted diet, it might just work fine on someone with a mild CRC.