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weyn wrote: sorry, and its 150 mcg and not 250 as you recommend. Should I start with 2 pills right away?

I also had 150mcg and I was taking it in 5 doses spread out like every 3 hours or so. You start with one, then add the second one, then third one… you get the picture. You work up to the full dose.

My advice is to take the amount you need. If you don’t have hard die-off, don’t take more than you need. While it is safe to take up to 750mcg per day, you don’t want to be taking it unless you need it. It is used just to help with die-off and clear those toxins but with it you clear out some other nutrients as well. Once die-off lowers, you lower the dose as well. If you make a change in your antifungals or probiotics and die-off kicks in again, then you increase it again.