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I TRY EVERYTHING THAT CAME IN THE MARKET PILLS DIET ,COLONICS MEDICINE… FOR AT LIST 15 YEARS. All came with horrible died off very sick for weeks thinking always that these time I am going to be Healthy at last. But always come back. These days I was reading about Archangels that they are always there for help if we call, and mention that Archangel Raphael is for medicine. So I ask him for guidance. Now I am CANDIDA FREE. I am going to share with you. I boil a cup of water ad 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon let rest 10 minutes. Sieved with a colander ,I ad 1 teaspoon of raw honey MUST BE RAW.(do not put the honey in boiling wait always to be warm). I drink 1 cup in the morning with empty stomach 30 minutes before Breakfast , and prepared another one before to go to bed always with empty stomach.Also I start to have fruit like pineapple that the Doctors o The MENs in Candida say no fruit. My stomach started to move a little more than usual but from the start of the colon, much better than colonics to me. I start filling the difference in a few days. Because my case was very severe once or twice a day I will have a glass of water with 1 tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar. 1 capsule grapefruit seed after lunch and one after dinner. “IN a WEEK I am CANDIDA FREE”. No one told me that all that I need was a GOOD STOMACH CLEANING. YUST FOR SAFETY CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR FIRST. IF YOU HEAL THANK ARCHANGEL RAFAEL.(i am not religious only believe in one GOD and now in His Helpers.)