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Thanks for the quick answer. I’ve seen on the site the detox with lemon suggested. I ‘m gonna try this for the second week. But can i use the bentonite (without psyllium) at the same time? Also my suppelements (vitamin c,echinachea and milk thristle) are enough? as i already spent more than i can afford on a useless jar of psyllium and i absolutely don’t want to cut the cure halfway for the lack of money!

Honestly, i think it is constipation what i’m experiencing. It hurts like hell at times! can’t be just gas. Also you’re right, i’m also feeling dehydrated even thought i drink more than 10 glasses of water per day.

Also yes, it’s more common than not to have olive trees in Greece. Hadn’t realise how lucky i am for that until i went abroad. On the contrary, coconut oil which is often suggested as one of the best against candida is really expensive in health stores (the only place you can find it here). like 15-20 euros for half a litre something! And yes we do eat quite enough sheep/goat diary but mostly cheese. There are also some new brands for yogurt with organic milk not too expensive in supermarkets. But none of it like real traditional yogurt. Mostly cause we’re stupid milk comes from imports( germany, france…) making organic products like kefir very expensive!