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Organic vegetables are preferred, but they’re expensive and often hard to acquire, so just get what you can. The main issues with non-organic veggies are pesticides, which add to the toxic load in your body, and inferior nutritional quality. They don’t have anything that’ll feed your candida though. Just be sure to wash them thoroughly.

2, 3, 5 and 6 all sound like die-off to me. It sounds like you’re experiencing bloating rather than constipation, since you’re having regular bowel movements. Bloating and gas are common die-off symptoms. Things can get pretty nasty for some people at first, and they tend to get much worse before they get better.

Psyllium requires you to drink a massive amount of water and is associated with some pretty negative side-effects. I’d stop taking it and see how you feel. If you feel the clay is helping then continue it, but you might want to read through the cleanse section in the Protocol used by members on the forum. Some of the suggested supplements, like molybdenum, may help with your symptoms.

By the way, do you mean you have your own olive trees? I’m jealous. I love olives, but I have to buy them in a jar or in junk oils like sunflower. I’d love to try fresh olive oil too. I don’t trust any unrefined oil left on a shelf not to be at least partly degraded. Sheep/goat dairy is standard in Greece as well, right? I have to eat “Greek” yoghurt made from cow’s milk 🙁