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1)I just saw your fish selection. Is there any way to put all these instruction topics together in the start when the forum opens or in anycase somewhere we can have easy access?

2)Ok, so when i start the diet i stop the lemon cleanse. Got it. I’m having a problem though….please helpi have been having constipation and some indigestion if i eat a little too much. For me it’s bereable, so i don’t take anything about it. I’m just waiting to go to stage 2 and start drinking kefir which i know by experience magically cures the problem.
But i am i holding back my progress in this first stage? Really the only time my stomach is empty is when i wake up.Do i need to take something to cure my constipation?

3)A clarification about cooking methods. I can’t take any more raw. And need a change from steaming. saute in a frying pan but with a little bit of water to boil for 10′ is ok?

Again i’m deeply grateful for any advice on these matters! Bless you