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Hello, nz4ever, welcome to the forum.

1)Less hunger than i ever had in my life….not cravings…nothing.
Maybe it’s attributed to the fact i have been a paleo eater for 3 months now.

Actually this is attributed to the detox itself; and it’s not at all uncommon, in fact you can almost expect this to happen in the beginning, that is, unless you go through carbohydrate withdrawal right away, in which case you think you’re absolutely starving to death. But since you say you were never addicted to carbs you shouldn’t be bothered with hunger until later. So don’t be too surprised if strong hunger suddenly hits somewhere along the line as it is also quite common.

2)Constipation. Could it be psyllium the problem? can i continue with the clay? or it would be the same? and also the clay on its own is a detox drink or is it better to experiment with that another time after finishing candida treatment?

Constipation is is unfortunately one of the most common reactions to Candida, both alive and dying, as well as the detox and diet. Read the following post for constipation remedies.

As Javizy wrote, I would also leave the psyllium alone. If you’ve not read the information on an easier but very workabe detox, it’s shown on the following link.

3) Often numbness and crambs in different body parts

Likely another effect of the detox.

4) I’ve lost some weight but every time i feel bloated from costipation my face feels swallen up.

Also a typical reaction that a lot of people experience. However, you’re experiencing an exagerrated version because of the psyllium which tends to cause extreme bloating; getting rid of it should to a degree at least.

5) Increased secretion of mucus from my private parts (which freaked me out honestly!)

Also not that unusual. Mucus production can be reduced by vitamin C and zinc supplements taken on a regular basis. Vitamin C pills of 500 mg each are available and quite inexpensive, take 1000 mg doses at least 5 to 6 times a day, and at least an hour apart. There are lozenges of zinc available that can be taken on a regular basis also. Of course, you need to drink a lot of water every day.

6) Worsening of my athlete’s foot condition

This is caused by the detoxing effect forcing the toxins from the body. Again, drink plenty of water.

Let us know if you have other questions and concerns.