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nz4ever wrote: 1)Please if anyone had cured athlete’s foot, let me know!!! I’m in severe pain, i cannot walk because ringworm has my last two fingers feeling like stone and it itches all the time. My previously tested recipe was no washing, fresh garlic beetween toes overnight and baby powder during the day. But it’s not working this time. I thought that maybe it’s a die-off symptom that’s why it’s getting worse and worse. What should i do???

Athlete’s foot and ringworm both are a form of Candida, and to completely cure it you need to be on the Candida diet and protocol.

In 1 day it will be 2 weeks on the cleanse but the first week being with bentonite. I have been having constipation and some indigestion if i eat a little too much.

You don’t need the bentonite or psyllium husks. Read this post.

This may help you with the constipation.

Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate doesn’t exist in Greece. Just checked. Other than my athlete’s foot other symptoms are bearable.
Should I purchase something else or die-off symptoms will go away once i start the diet?

No, the die-off symptoms won’t go away when starting the diet, and especially when you start adding antifungals and probiotics.

and if so which is the next alternative? I’ve already been taking vitamin c like 3000mg per day and milk thristle tea.

Try to find a supplement called Bayberry Formula; I know it’s sold in the UK, but not sure about Greece. You can continue taking the milk thistle and increase the vitamin C to 6000 mg a day to remove toxins. Take 1000 mg 6 times a day. Plus if you can get it in supplement form, add zinc to your list. Otherwise, look for either or both of the herbs, Lemon grass and Pot marigold.

Is it possible to actually gain weight while on detox?

Probably not, and also probably not for a while on the diet. The ‘secret’ to not losing weight on the diet is to simply obtain more calories. When it comes down to it, this is what stops the weight loss.