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You can’t really find anything in this country! Bayberry doesn’t exist either. Lemon grass i think there is only in essential oil. So what i have so far is Vitamin C, Zinc, Pot marigord( you mean calendula right?) and milk thirstle. Do you think it’s enough to start battling my die-off symptoms? I got rid of my old vitamin c brand that contained maltodextrin and bought solgar’s but it says vitamin c with rose hips. Any problem with that?

Actually my concern is far from maintaining my weight. I wanna loose around ten kilos. But I was very surprised to find out i have actually gained some. I suppose as raster said it might be due to my indigestion.

About the ringworm now…being so bad i was unable to walk, today i visited the hospital. They said it’s propably some secondary infection and i’m going back tommorrow so they can run me some tests and see what caused it. After they said i need to take some antibiotics in addition to topic treatment. But that would hinder my progress, won’t it? I was thinking about trying garlic as an antibiotic instead. what do you think? Also i dried some suggested remedy i found on the forum about soaking in lemon water. Was a disaster. Even a little drop of water and the fungus spreads and hurts like hell. Any other suggestions?

Again, huge thanks to both raster and able900. You trully are life savers!