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emz333;45094 wrote: Hi i am about 6 months into the protocol and hav just been put on 7 days worth of antibiotics for infected eczema that affects almost my whole body. iv tried anti bacterial creams and baths, but they havnt helped and i need the infection gone before i can heal. i take the antibiotic breakfast and dinner and take 2 probiotic capsules at lunch time. what else can i do to prevent this setting me back? do i still take caprylic acid and oil of oregano? had a recent allergy test and it came back i had a moderate allergy to coconut which if i eat inflames my eczema – vucious circle!! i dont wana b all the way at the beginning again!!! a i also eat sourkraut daily

You can get through this.

Ask the doc who prescribed abx to give you one month of diflucan (200mg). Additionally, for extra probiotic coverage try either VSL #3 or Klaire labs ABx support: