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Razorback;49805 wrote: Yes, 10 years! Thanks to a dermatologist and numerous other doctors that I consulted who advised me it was fine to be on Minocycline, daily for that length of period to treat Psoriasis. I have all of the symptoms of Candida- and am convinced that is why I feel so bad.

Recently (last week) I was diagnosed with a food intolerance to Yeast (Brewer’s and Baker’s) as well as Sugar. I am curious if anyone can tell me how/if the two are linked (candida and the food intolerance to the main culprits of Candida).

On an antifungal (RX) now, and started the strict diet last week (I’ve been avoiding carbs and sugar products for a while now, but cheated way to often)- already experiencing horrible die off symptoms, the worst of which has been severe joint pain.

Thanks in advance for your help. And my apologies if I have broken any forum rules etc. Just found this site and am so excited to read more.

You don’t have any other route than an intensive anticandida program where you may need to experiment with many things. There isn’t any easy solution to it.

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