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I started a new dose of antibiotics on Saturday with my new naturalpath. Said I have yeast and bacteria overgrowth. Said my immune system is in the gutter and has been for awhile. Antibiotics have given me this without probiotics. So I got through the new die off this week but last night my throat just swelled up pretty bad and coulndt breathe great. This morning I went to ER and suprisingly the Dr understood yeast and bacteria overgrowth. He said my throat looked awful. Took a swab for strep when I was thinking he is nuts and its an allergic reaction, sure enough I have strep. I m so sad and depressed. He only gave me a three day course though but I was making good progress. Is this gonna set me back even further? My naturalpath said dont take the antifungals until after I m done with antibiotics, just use probiotics and saccramyces. I have read some antifungals react bad with antibiotics but please any advice.

You don’t need to take the antifungals while you’re on antibiotics, but you probably need to increase your dose of probiotics. What count of CFU’s and strain are you talking now (per day)? Also, you should be drinking about 16 ounces of homemade kefir every day to replenish the beneficial bacteria that the antibiotic is going to kill off.

Remember that 70% of your immune system is made up of the beneficial bacteria that the antibiotics are destroying along with the bad.

Is this a speedbump or am I back at squareone now. I ve been on the diet almost two months and antifungals total for a month. Please help, so nervous and depressed

No one will know this until after you’ve completed the antibiotic course. It could take up to a week or longer to see any problems it may cause.

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