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chele wrote: I really hope that I can find some help here. I am now 5 1/2 weeks post-diagnosis and I am still very ill. I have been very diligent about following the diet, have taken 2 rounds of Difulcan (7 days each), am taking probiotics, vitamins, molybdenum, milk thistle, antifungals, and now digestive enzymes recommended to me by a wholistic doctor I saw last week. I am very confused by my progression (or lack there of). I had the initial die-off symptoms, which were pretty bad for about 12 days. And then I had a full week of feeling pretty darn good. But then, the day before Father’s Day, I started having severe diarrhea again and, on Father’s Day, awoke feeling like I had full-blown candida all over again (my tongue was even covered in white!). So, I spent the next few days in bed and my doctor put me on another round of Diflucan. I started my period that Thursday and, after reading some reports from other posts, have to wonder if hormones played a part in this “relapse.” Anyway, I slowly worked my way back to feeling a little better by the end of last week. Thursday and Friday I started feeling like myself again. But then, this weekend, misery set in all over again: SEVERE body aches, migraines, EXTREME fatigue, diarrhea, etc. I just don’t understand why I’m not progressively getting better. I’m having a hard time understanding if this is candida I’m experiencing or die-off (or both?). I do think I am somewhat yellow so I’ve laid off the anti-fungals a little today to see if that improves. I am just really concerned, frustrated and, quite honestly, depressed. My support system is disintegrating as well. My husband and kids are also frustrated with my lack of progress and, unfortunately, are blaming me. My friends, family and co-workers don’t understand the disease and I think some even question it’s validity. Someone close to me recently accused me of trying to seek “sympathy” through the “disease.” I can’t tell how deeply this hurt me. I never wished for this and would do anything to get well. I hate how this is destroying every aspect of my life: my job, my relationships with friends/family/co-workers, my self-esteem, and now my marriage. Just a few years ago I remember talking to my husband about how great things were for us. Now I feel like I’m in the midst of a nightmare that I can’t wake up from. Anyway, if there is any advice, suggestions, or modifications to my treatment protocol that anyone can recommend I would greatly appreciate it. I really need to get well.

You touched my heart with those words.
Tell me how do you think you contracted this syndrome ?? Are you documented about what this syndrome is about ??? Do you know where the fungal overgrowth is occurring and why you have symptoms in the remote organs ??

Without knowing some elemental things about it, it is very difficult to adopt the right measures to correct it.
Tell me about all your symptoms and how everything initiated for you.